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Fifth Annual GMT Community Science Meeting

Chemical Evolution of the Universe

Sponsored by the Giant Magellan Telescope Organization

September 17–20, 2017
Tarrytown House Estate & Conference Center, Tarrytown, NY


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Registration and room reservations open through August 27, 2017 (EST).

Deadline for contributed talks is June 30, 2017.


Fifth Annual GMT Community Science Meeting Promotional Poster. Download the PDF

This meeting will bring observers, modelers, and theorists from around the world together to discuss the chemical evolution of the Universe across the entire sweep of cosmic history, with an eye toward the progress enabled by the coming ELTs.  Topics will include:

  • the birth of the first stars,
  • the formation of the first galaxies,
  • the formation and growth of supermassive black holes,
  • galaxies at the peak of star formation in the universe,
  • studies of DLAs, the ISM, IGM, and CGM,
  • studies of resolved stellar populations and metal-poor stars in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies

The meeting program will encourage workshop-style discussion at a beautiful retreat in the Hudson Valley, 30 min from New York City.


Tom Abel, Stanford University
Eduardo Bañados Torres, Carnegie Observatories
Rebecca Bernstein, GMTO
Gurtina Besla, University of Arizona
Fuyan Bian, Australian National University
Rebecca Bowler, University of Oxford
Lise Christensen, European Southern Observatory
Ryan Cooke, Durham University
Steven Finkelstein, University of Texas
Anna Frebel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jenny Greene, Princeton University
Sean Johnson, Princeton University
Jorge Melendez, Universidade de São Paulo
Melissa Ness, Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie
Casey Papovich, Texas A&M
Jane Rigby, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Julia Roman-Duval, Space Telescope Science Institute
Gwen Rudie, Carnegie Observatories
Joop Schaye, Universiteit Leiden
Else Starkenberg,
Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam
Paul Torrey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mark Vogelsberger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

David Yong, Australian National University



Lisa Kewley, Australian National University (co-chair)
Mike Gladders, University of Chicago (co-chair)
Martin Asplund, Australian National University
Hsiao-Wen Chen, University of Chicago
Anna Frebel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jenny Greene, Princeton University
Casey Papovich, Texas A&M
Molly Peeples, Space Telescope Science Institute
Jane Rigby, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Josh Simon, Carnegie Observatories
Dan Stark, University of Arizona
Michele Trenti, Univ. of Melbourne
Mark Vogelsberger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jessica Werk, University of Washington

Meeting Participants

Meeting Participants will be posted here once registration has closed. 

Travel & Accommodations


GMTO has secured a block of rooms for our meeting attendees at the Tarrytown House Estate on the Hudson. Reservations are made directly with Tarrytown House Estate via the conference registration form. The cut-off date for room reservations is August 27, 2017. Reservations received after the cut-off date will be accepted on a space-available basis and will not be able to take advantage of the conference rate.


The conference site is located just 25 miles outside of New York City, convenient to three major international airports with excellent public transportation. See the Tarrytown House “Location & Directions” Web site for more details.


The Banquet Dinner will be held at the conference venue on Tuesday evening.


Partial travel reimbursement may be provided for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. When travel support is offered, it is based on an estimate of the airfare from the city of origin. Attendees who are offered support will be notified after they register.


With the help of Tarrytown House, we have also put together a list of local sights and diversions. Tarrytown is close to New York City, which has a wide variety of things to do. Some, such as the Staten Island ferry, provide beautiful views of the city and the Statue of Liberty from the water at little cost.

Please download our list here.